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Where To Find A Friend To Help You Learn Spanish

One of the easiest ways to learn Spanish is to find someone else who speaks Spanish. This person can be someone who is a native Spanish speaker or it can be someone who is also learning Spanish. Speaking Spanish with a friend will really increase how much fun you have as you learn Spanish, and…

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Spanish Basics: How to Describe a Person’s Face

It’s easy to learn Spanish if you begin with the basics. Just get down the simple verbs, some foods, and perhaps a few descriptive terms. Usually people learn Spanish by beginning to say the alphabet and rehearsing greetings such as “hello” and “goodnight,” but studying the facial features will allow you to have a bit…

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Should Spanish Be Required in Schools?

Many school curriculums require students to take a language. The requirement is so popular that not only does it exist on the college level, but also the middle school and even the elementary school level. It is assumed that it would be useful to learn another language besides one’s native tongue, but many times young…

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Learn Spanish through Immersion Studies

It isn’t easy trying to learn Spanish without talking to people who actually speak the language on a regular basis. Spanish teachers whose first language is English may know their subject very well. Yet, they can’t give you the understanding of the language you will get if you experience it firsthand. Immersion study means staying…

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How People Learn Spanish in Conversational Classes

The traditional way to learn Spanish has been to start where a first grader would start. You learn the Spanish alphabet, learn simple Spanish words, and learn simple Spanish grammar. You advance in the same way throughout your studies. The trouble is, it seems that after a course like this, people may learn Spanish to…

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Business People Learn Spanish for Work

People have various reasons to learn Spanish. Some just want the satisfaction of knowing another language. However, in the business world, it is becoming more and more advantageous to learn Spanish. If your business has bilingual employees, the Spanish speaking community won’t hesitate to do business with you. You will be able to service their…

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